Books Edited

Stories United:Harvesting Elders’ Wisdom
Amazing Grace: All The Way, His Spirit Led Me
New Faces of the Fur Trade (contributor)
Metis People of Quesnel: People of Mixed Heritage Living in the North Cariboo of British Columbia
Dakelh Yunk’ut: The Southern Carrier in Earlier Times
Laszlo Hudec and the Park Hotel in Shanghai
Quesnel: A Multicultural Tapestry
A Fleeting Improvised Man (copyeditor)
The Oyster Year
Changing Ways: Southern Carrier History, 1793-1940

Works Published: A selection

“Dirty Laundry,” Island Writer Magazine, 8.2, Winter 2010
“Poetry of the Marlboro Man,” Island Writer Magazine 8.1, Summer 2010
“The Angler and the Artisan,” Interior Woman Magazine, June/July 2000
“California Here I Come! America’s West Coast Offers Export Profits for Savvy Canadians,” BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Grocer Magazine, August 1992
“Prescriptions for Rural Health Care: Rural hospitals look to county residents for their future,” California Farmer, March 2, 1991
“RN marketer develops local solutions for rural health,” NURSEweek, April 1, 1991
“Best Foods: Water and soil sampling, cover cropping, and other best management practices help reduce nitrate in groundwater,” California Farmer, November 9, 1991
“Painting the Lilies: Will new varieties help holiday sales bloom?” California Farmer, December 7, 1991
“Canines bring new freedom to the handicapped: Service dogs for the non-blind pull wheelchairs, open elevators–and opportunities,” NURSEweek magazine, May 14, 1990
“Nitrate Debate: Concern over nitrates in groundwater has Salinas Valley, California, considering solutions,” California Farmer Magazine, March 1992
Restaurant reviews, various, California Magazine, 1986-1987
“Older Women and Younger Men,” Golden Gater, April 29, 1986. Commentary award winner.
“Tyranny and Chaos on the Home Front,” Prism Magazine, October 1986. Hearst national feature writing contest, third place.
“Abuse of alcohol, drugs–a family crisis,” Golden Gater, March 11, 1986

Hundreds more short and long news articles, commentary, editorials, features and other writing.

Staff Positions

100 Mile House Free Press: twice-weekly community newspaper; lifestyles editor, reporter, photographer. National award for front-page photo

Agrichemical Age: Publisher, Harcourt Brace; national monthly magazine covering inputs for agriculture, from integrated pest management to fertilizers such as nitrate fertilizers and nitrate pollution; staff editor, writer

Agrichemical Weekly: Harcourt Brace; national biweekly newsletter covering technical news in industry; editor, rewriter

Alameda News Group: Chain of daily newspapers in the East Bay Area, California; copy editor, headline writer

Between Ourselves: Publisher The Harper Group, quarterly publication on employee news; writer, editor

California: State-wide monthly magazine; restaurant reviewer (short reviews), fact-checker

California Farmer: Harcourt Brace; bimonthly magazine covering broad range of issues in California agriculture, the state’s largest industry: migrant workers, urban/rural conflict, heritage farming, GM foods, etc.; writer, editor

Forestweb/Industry Intelligence: Website covering daily global news and issues in forestry, pulp and paper, timberland, packaging, food and beverage, and related industries; content editor

Genslereport: Publisher, Gensler and Associates Architects & Space Planners; semi-annual glossy on U.S.-wide company projects; writer

Images for Good Health: The Harper Group; semi-annual, prize-winning publication on mental, physical, dietary aspects of good health; writer, managing editor. (“Friends can be good medicine,” “Neuronutrition,” “Walking your way to peak performance,” “Minerals play major role in good health,” dozens of other articles; writer, editor.

Inner Circle: The Harper Group, an international transportation firm; bimonthly publication featuring international companies and worldwide markets; writer, editor.

Interior Woman: freelance writer and photographer, then editor for regional magazine featuring women of interest, lifestyle articles

Pac Bell: Technical editor on proposal for project in Japan

Quesnel Advisor: Weekly community newspaper; editor, reporter, photographer

San Francisco Living: Monthly lifestyle magazine; columnist