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Heck of a title! This historical novel set in Portugal in the 1700s was a free book sent to me on my request by The Afterword, part of the Arts section of the National Post.

The book  was so rich, so dense with setting of time, place and culture that I had to ask the author what inspired her. This is a question on my mind and that  of many writers: what is it, inside me, that is begging to be written? I have things going on in my mind and feelings all day long but I am only conscious of them part of the day. It’s the consciousness of self, the observing, the awareness of the itch that seeks to be scratched, that leads to me writing the next piece. If I am  not paying attention or having that conversation with myself, there is no inspiration. 

This author had to be inspired by the setting and then take note that she was inspired. So the journey began.

You get to request one of 25 free copies of a fresh-to-the-market book if you join The Afterword. Literary books, but across genres. I really liked the Devil on Her Tongue.

Here is the link: