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It’s lovely, free-flowing summer days. I last edited a novel three weeks ago, my editor’s group is on summer hiatus, my writing group the same thing, strata council’s on summer hold, I’m taking the summer off from the YWCA, and a break from a handful of other ongoing obligations/commitments.

Who knew my semi retirement had become so structured? When I first left my ongoing daily news editing job, I read books through with glee until I’d finish a novel at four in the morning. I slept in late, read late again, plowed through books and just generally had a great slovenly time all over the clock.

However, I soon realized that I needed to get back on a daytime life with everyone else in the world. I needed to build structure back into my life. So I have, and now I find I’m taking a needed summer vacation. From retirement!?

I’m also working at taking several years’ worth of my short creative nonfiction pieces and looking for the inherent pattern in them. Thanks Mary Klaver for reading most of them and giving me some ideas. It’s luxurious to have this time to work on an overview during these long, long sweet summer days. Isn’t that what vacation is for? Taking a broad view, looking to juggle the bigger thoughts in the air?

I knew a time would arrive for me to do this; I let the pieces accumulate trusting the process. I knew that I would be going back over the collection when there were enough of them and that they would tell me when.

Some writers go closet themselves in a cottage or cabin for days or weeks or months to concentrate on a piece of writing. The trick is to remove yourself from the everyday momentum, or at least to put it out of mind. I guess that’s what I’ve been doing by taking a natural vacation from my mostly retired state. Only so much so, though; no reading until 4 AM. Not a total holiday from retirement, but a happy one.